OPPO Premium Service Terms & Conditions

1.OPPO Premium Service Policy

Terminal device: Terminal device here refers to Reno6 Pro 5G

1.1 OPPO Premium Service is provided by the official OPPO service center or authorized service center subject to the Terms & Conditions.

1.2 The OPPO Premium Service aims to offer hassle-free service for OPPO users.

It includes:

  1. Two-Year Warranty Service : Extend the factory warranty for 12 months upon the expiry of the device’s standard warranty, subject to local factory warranty terms and conditions.
  2. Screen Protection Plan : Offers a one-time free screen replacement if the device’s screen is damaged due to an accidental drop, crash, or collision within six months.
  3. Courier Send-In Service : If the phone has a quality issue, within one year of purchase, users can contact OPPO customer service to collect the phone and it will be returned after repairing. Valid once in the first year of purchase only.
  4. GCC Warranty Service : Customers can enjoy maintenance, repairs, and free software upgrades at official service centers in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
  5. Free Protective Film : OPPO premium customers can avail a free screen protective film replacement service 4 times a year at *OPPO self-operated service centers.
  6. Free Labor Costs : Users can enjoy free labor costs for device repair within the first year after purchase at *OPPO self-operated service centers. Out-of-warranty repairs only need to pay for spare parts.
  7. Exclusive Hotline : A specialist team of technical engineers is on hand to help users solve device problems on the service hotline.

* Service availability subject to location.

1.3 Two-Year Warranty Service: Purchased with the new device or after terminal device purchase within its purchase period, covering the device’s main parts. Extended Warranty will not cover spare parts repaired by unauthorized channels. See the Customer Agreement for OPPO Care Product for more details.

1.4 Screen Protection Plan: Screen replacement covers broken screens caused by accidents and does not cover screen failures caused by water immersion.

1.5 Other value-added services not mentioned above are subject to the location where the service is provided.

1.6 To the extent permitted by local law, OPPO Service Centers will offer OPPO Premium Service based on the local availability of materials for a better experience.

1.7 You need to grant OPPO authorization to obtain relevant information by signing the delivery receipt and the relevant statement; otherwise, the OPPO Customer Service Center reserves the right to refuse to provide the service.

1.8 Devices must be purchased through channels officially recognized by OPPO. , The Customer Service Center reserves the right to refuse to provide the service otherwise.

1.9 You understand and agree that, as a result of the service provided, your device/repaired part may change in appearance or function. The safety standards/mark for your device/part only applies to the location where the service is provided due to the requirements of local law because it may differ from the requirements of the law in the location where you purchased your device.

1.10 You need to keep the purchase invoice to receive the corresponding service.

Key Takeaway: Customers shall ensure device data is fully backed up before repair. Official OPPO service centers or authorized service centers will not be responsible for device data loss or damage.

2.The following is not covered by OPPO Premium Service:

2.1 Device models that are not covered by OPPO Premium Service according to local policies (the location where the terminal device was purchased).

2.2 Devices that are not sold through official channels.

2.3 Any devices modified, repaired, tore down, exchanged by unauthorized parties.

2.4 Devices that exceed the validity period of certain service products.

2.5 Devices rented and borrowed from others, or frauds.

2.6 Devices that were deliberately damaged or fraud.

2.7 Unverifiable devices (covered by OPPO Care) due to an incomplete IMEI or a different IMEI on file.

2.8 Refusal to sign the delivery receipt and related statement.

2.9 All risks and legal liabilities or losses associated with any transfer due to any differences in the product after OPPO Premium Service is obtained.

2.10 Any loss of profit, income, or time incurred as a result of any personal business activity due to any differences in the product after you obtain the OPPO Premium Service.onal business activity due to any differences in the product after you obtain the OPPO Premium Service.

2.11 Any inability to use your device caused by cross-regional rather than device faults (such as the inability to access the internet because it does not support the network frequency adopted in that region).

2.12 Anything beyond the scope of the legal service policy in the location where the service is provided.

*OPPO Self-Operated Service Centers including:

OPPO Self-Operated Service Center
Dubai Onyx Tower OPPO Service Center Room 801, Onyx Tower 1, Dubai Internet City, The Greens, Dubai
Ajman Ajman OPPO Service Center Shop No.2, Ground Floor, Diwan tower C, Al Nakheel 2, Ajman, UAE

*OPPO Authorized Customer Service Centers including:

OPPO Authorized Customer Service Center
Dubai Jebel Ali Authorized Service Center Jumbo Electronics, Jebel Ali Industrial Area 2, P O Box 3426, Dubai, UAE
Dubai JHS Authorized Service Center Jumbo Electronics, 2nd floor, Bur Dubai. Opposite to Al Ain Center and adjacent to Khaleej Center.
Abu Dhabi AUH Authorized Service Center Mussafa M45, Gate No 441, Store No:66, Behind Redstar Gift Shop, 026730206
Ras Al Khaimah RAK Authorized Service Center Al Manar Mall, Al Seer, Nakheel, Ras Al Khaimah



UAE: 8000320677



8:00 - 20:00 Excluding Saturday, Sunday & Holidays


UAE: support.ae@oppo.com

Oman: 80074506



8:00-20:00 Excluding Friday, Saturday & Holidays


Oman: support.om@oppo.com

Qatar: 00800100242



8:00-20:00 Excluding Friday, Saturday & Holidays


Qatar: support.qa@oppo.com

Kuwait: 22069091



8:00-20:00 Excluding Friday, Saturday & Holidays


Kuwait: support.kw@oppo.com

Bahrain: support.bh@oppo.com

Bahrain: support.bh@oppo.com

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