OPPO Products Warranty Policy

The following warranty policy applies to OPPO products that were sold in Egypt only. OPPO provides users of its smart devices with free maintenance service during the warranty period in the event of a manufacturing defect in the device during normal use.

Item Warranty Period
Phone 14 months from purchase date manufacturing defect for all internal parts of the phone
Built-in battery 14 months from purchase date manufacturing defect
Charger & Earphone 6 months from purchase date manufacturing defect for relevant parts
IoT devices (Smart watch, wireless earphones) 12 months from purchase date manufacturing defect for relevant parts

Warranty quality standards

1. Providing new original spare parts for the devices to be maintained.

2. All devices that are serviced enjoy the original warranty period of the phone or the warranty period of 6 months from the date of maintenance, whichever is longer.

Warranty rules and instructions

1. Both the approved warranty card and invoice are the basic guarantees of your rights; please make sure to preserve them.

2. In the event that any of the invoice or proof of purchase related to the phone is lost and you cannot provide a copy of the approved invoice or proof of purchase, then we will compare the date three months after the date of manufacturing the phone and the date of registering the warranty card electronically, and choose the appropriate date for you to act as the date of purchase, in order to provide free maintenance service for your phone.

3. OPPO is not responsible for the loss or loss of any of the other accessories for its products (such as: instruction booklet, warranty card, etc.)

4. OPPO products that are purchased from abroad do not enjoy warranty services at the local maintenance centers. The customer makes an appointment with the service center in advance in case a new spare part is needed at a cost and an attempt is made to provide a spare part for maintenance.

5. Accessories (such as: leather case, screen protector, back case) and other accessories that may affect the device’s performance or make it work abnormally cannot be considered a condition for replacing the device. You can get a new accessory without replacing the device.

6. The replaced parts that are damaged within the warranty period belong to OPPO.

Cases that do not apply to maintenance service within the warranty

The device is not considered within the warranty in the event of any misuse by the customer or any of the following cases:

1. In the event that the device exceeds the warranty period.

2. In the absence of a warranty card or approved purchase invoice, but an exception can be granted in this case if it is confirmed that the device is indeed within the warranty period.

3. In the event that the customer receives promises of maintenance within the warranty from informal and non-OPPO authorities, such as verbal promises from merchants and others.

4. The device is damaged as a result of improper use by the customer (such as: the phone was dropped, pressed, or exposed to liquid, etc.).

5. Damage and breakdowns caused by external forces that cannot be resisted (such as: floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning, traffic accidents, etc.)

6. Damage to the device as a result of incorrectness in a way contrary to the instructions in the instruction book accompanying the product, such as (using the device in an environment with very high / very low temperature or using non-OPPO accessories.

7. Natural damage to the product in terms of the outer cover, the button, the screen, the accessories, etc.).

8. Damage to the device as a result of trying to root the device, disassemble the device, or maintain it outside the approved maintenance centers, etc.

Instructions must be followed before sending the device for maintenance and to ensure that a backup copy of the data is made

1. Please bring the original invoice and the approved purchase certificate when sending the device for maintenance (the invoice and a certificate with the invoice must be filled out; otherwise it will be considered a worthless invoice in this case). The secret written on the warranty card should not be destroyed, otherwise the device will be considered out of warranty. Buying from the store and stamping the invoice with a tax stamp. Also, no modification can be made.

2. Before sending the device for maintenance, please delete all your data from the device after making a backup copy of it (such as: contacts, messages, photos, etc.) in order to avoid losing or leaking this data after performing the maintenance process. To maintain your privacy, OPPO's service and maintenance center, in addition to its employees, are not responsible and obligated to make a backup copy or restore your data, and at the same time they do not bear any consequences that lead to the loss or leakage of this data.

3. You expressly agree that the use of the unlocking service provided by OPPO and related service provider is at your own risk. Except as otherwise provided by law, OPPO and related service provider does not make any form of ostensive or implied statement, promise or guarantee for the unlocking service. It is not guaranteed that the service will meet your requirements, nor is it guaranteed that the service will not be interrupted. OPPO and related service provider does not make any promises or guarantees on the timeliness, safety, and errors of the service.

Other instructions

It is possible that some other problems related to the devices that are exposed to moisture, liquids, severe damage, or out-of-warranty maintenance may appear after performing maintenance on them, for example the ability to make calls before maintenance, but after maintenance it is not possible to make a call or open the device, so the maintenance center to ask the customer to sign the maintenance report explaining to him the actual situation of the device before maintenance in order to release its responsibility for any problems occurring after the maintenance process.

The laws of the country should be taken as a basic reference in the event of any conflict between this service policy and national laws and regulations.

You can also enjoy the International Warranty Service for some models.
For more information, please visit the following link: https://support.oppo.com/eg-en/iws/



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