OPPO Phone Warranty Policy

The following warranty policy is subject to OPPO phones sold in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. OPPO offers users of its smart devices a free maintenance service during the warranty period in the event of a manufacturing defect.

Subject Warranty Period
Device Spare Parts and Services / 24 Month
Battery Spare Parts and Services / 24 Month
Earphone, USB Cable , Adapter Spare Parts and Services / 6 Month

Quality Assurance Obligations

1. All replaced spare parts and accessories shall be completely new & replaced spare parts shall enjoy the remaining period of the original warranty period or a warranty period of 3 months from the date of replacement.

Warranty rules and instructions

1. The warranty card and the approved invoice will be the proof of purchase, kindly preserve it for future use.

2. If any of the phone invoices or proof of purchase is lost and a user cannot provide a copy of the approved invoice or proof of purchase, OPPO will compare the date three months after the phone was manufactured and the date of registering the warranty card electronically, and choose the appropriate date to serve as the purchase date to provide free service for the user.

3. OPPO is not responsible for the loss or loss of any other accessories of its products (such as instruction booklet, warranty card...etc.)

4. OPPO products purchased abroad are not eligible for warranty services in local maintenance centers. If the customer is interested in repairing his phone, the service center will inform the ETA of parts & cost of repair. The user can avail of the service once the material is ready at his own risk.

5. The device is not eligible for a replacement if the Accessories (such as leather case, screen protector, back cover) and other accessories affect the performance of a device or make it work abnormally. In this case, the device is not eligible for replacement. OPPO will replace only the accessories.

6. The ownership of the damaged spare parts replaced within the warranty period belongs to the OPPO.

The warranty couldn't be claimed in the event of any misuse by the customer in any of the following cases:

1. If the device exceeds the warranty period. (Over 24 months)

2. The absence of a warranty card or an approved purchase invoice.

3. If the customer receives promises of maintenance within the warranty from non-official and non-OPPO parties, such as verbal promises from merchants and others.

4. as a result of improper use by the customer (such as: dropping the phone, pressing it, or being exposed to liquid, etc.)

5. Damage and malfunctions resulting from an external force are not limited to (such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning, traffic accidents, etc.)

6. The device has been damaged due to the improper use of the instructions of the instruction booklet accompanying the product, such as (using the device in an environment with a very high/ low temperature or using non-OPPO accessories.

7. Natural damage to the product in terms of the outer cover, button, screen, accessories, etc.).

8. The device was damaged by trying to root the device, disassembling the device, or maintaining it outside the authorized maintenance centers, etc.

Instructions to be followed before sending the device for maintenance:

1. the original invoice and the approved purchase certificate when sending the device for maintenance (the invoice and purchase certificate must fill out from the store & the invoice should be stamped with a tax stamp. If the serial number on the warranty card is destroyed or removed, then the warranty is invalid.

2. Before sending the device for maintenance, please delete all your data from the device after making a backup copy of it (such as names, messages, photos, etc.) to avoid losing or leaking this data after performing the maintenance process. OPPO Service center & its employees are not responsible for backup or restoring your data & do not bear any consequences that led to the loss or leakage of this data.

3. You expressly agree the unlocking service provided by OPPO and its associated service provider is at your own risk. Except as provided by law, OPPO and the relevant service provider do not make any express or implied representation, promise, or warranty of the unlocking service. OPPO is not guaranteeing that the service will meet your requirements, nor is it guaranteed that the service will be uninterrupted. OPPO and the relevant service provider do not promise or guarantee the timeliness and safety of the service.

Other instructions:

1. It is possible that some other problems related to devices exposed to moisture, liquids, severe damage, or maintenance outside the warranty after performing maintenance on them, for example the ability to make calls before maintenance, but after maintenance, it is not possible to make a call or open the device. The service center may ask the customer to sign the maintenance report, explaining to him the actual condition of the device before maintenance, in order to free him of any problems after carrying out the maintenance process.

2. In case of conflict, the country's law should be the reference for the service policy.




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