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A New Look for Service Centers
The upgrade is much more than a simple design renewal
The first change is that the new logo has been applied to our service centers. Apart of enhancing the texture, we applied more white elements in this version design. Such designing method brightens inner environment and make the store more spacey and tidy. A bright and comfortable visual is what we strive to bring to you.
Transparent repair gives you a total display of repairing work, our professional engineers will repair your device in open space where you can watch directly. Transparency not only can provide you with more relief, it’s also an interesting thing to explore during your waiting time.
Space designing is an art. Based on the user‘s habit, we have redesigned the internal structure, which can bring things in better order and provide more space. But the most important thing is that you feeling more comfortable to experience service and find support what you need in time.
We’ve replaced metal chairs in rest areas with sofas to improve your experience. While waiting for repairing, you can enjoy TV shows on the sofa, or experience our latest products on the display case, or watch our professional engineers repair your device. Waiting can also become interesting.
How to identify official service center
Check these points, you will never miss official service center again
The center of the door head is always the OPPO brand logo, and there will be no other brand logos or advertisements like "Mobile Repair Center".
We set strict standard that staff of official service center should wear universal uniforms with OPPO Logo.
Lookup for addresses of service centers with methods below to make sure you are heading to authentic service centers:
1. Click here to find your nearest service center.
2. Call our service hotline to inquire.
You will receive a papery repair order with address of the service center when you repair your device at our service center, and address that can be traced back to verify. The repair order comes with an official OPPO stamp.
Let Us Help You Achieve More
OPPO service is not just about repairing, we look forward to providing your more with a variety of aspects.
Enjoy all-around free maintenance inside-out, from dust cleaning to system and software upgrade, get your OPPO device back into great condition and help you achieve more.
We highly value your time, that’s why we put forward 1 Hour Flash Fix Service to maximize our efficiency and minimize your waiting time. The whole repairing process lasts less than 1 hour, which makes waiting no longer a suffer.
OPPO Service Day is monthly conducted in our service centers on 10th of each month, which aims at providing you with better service experience not just about repairing. There will be extended service hours, repairing discount, accessories discount, extra service activities and more for you to experience.
On festival days, we will always accompany you. A variety of interesting activities and surprise gifts will be prepared, and discounts of course. Come to our service centers during festivals for more surprises.
One World, One Standard
As a global brand, we are committed to bringing intimate service to every corner of the world. In March 2020, we became the industry's first mobile phone manufacturer to launch international warranty service, and it’s just a beginning. The upgrade of service center image covers more than 560 stores in the world, and more service centers are under construction. With our company, you will never feel alone.
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